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Customer Service Inbound

Project Name:International Customer Service Inbound
Nature of work:Customer Support
Seat:10 (25 Slots)
Per Center per day call flow:100 calls
Working Hours:8 Hours USA Time
Working Days:5 Days in a Week
Per Agent per Hour Payout:$ 5
Per Agent per day payout:$ 5 * 8 hours Shift = $ 40
Per seat Billing per day:$ 40 * 60 = 2,400/- INR per day
10 Seats per day Billing:$ 40 * 10 = $ 400
10 Seats per day Billing in INR:$ 400 * 60 = 24,000/- INR
Monthly Billing of 10 Seats in INR:$ 24,000/- * 22 = 5,28,000/-INR
Intensive Payment
Target of a Center per day:If Center make 10 Conversion per day
Per Agent per Support:$100
10 Seats per day Billing:$ 100 * 10 = $ 1000
10 Seats per day Billing in INR:$ 1000 * 60 = 60,000/- INR
Monthly Billing of 10 Seats in INR:60,000/- * 22 = 16,20,000/-INR
First Payment:15 Days
Payment Cycle:7 Days
Payout Mode:Wire Transfer from USA
Contract Period:12 Month
Training will be from client side :Yes (Online Training)
Training Time:3 Days
Training Mode:Online
Consultancy Charges:5,80,000/- Rupees

Royalty:3 % Per Month


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    Plz contact us or drop the other aspects regarding taking up ds process.
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  4. HI,
    Actually we are running a domestic process on our call center and some other process , so just thinking about to make it vast . so kindly let me know if you have any good process for us.
    Thanks and regards,
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  5. Hello,

    I would like to know more about this process, what is the bond,terms. please can you provide me all the details by for taking this process. please can you email me with all conditions and procedures.

    thank you.

  6. Hi there,
    Our company is interested for this campaign and i will be sending you all the details about our company so that we can start the campaign as on as possible. I'm requesting for your Skype account so that we can talk all the details needed for this.

    Thank you,
    Jessie Bondoc
    Supervisor of Richtel Teleservices

  7. I would be interested with this process,could you please send me your E-Mail

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