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Domestic loan outbound

Lead Generation Process

Center have to call to customer and asking for whether they required loan or not,

If any customer need loan then asking him a few detail which is attached in this mail.
Then after you have to forward that lead and recording to client.

Center have to Work on Behalf of XXXXX in Pan India but in Gujarat they can used a name of XXXXX, XXXXX, and XXXXX.
Center have to provide client recording of confirmed lead.
Minimum Loan Amount should be 5 Lacs.

Languages Known: Hindi, English

Locations for Dialing:
  • 1st Month Ahmedabad, 
  • 2nd month onward Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Himmatnagar and all major city's of Gujarat, 
  • 3rd month onward entire west India (Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharastra)

Leads has to be arrange by center, we will guide you on that.

How to count customer Eligibility and Loan amount it will be explained it to you in Training

Training will be online and if on site training will needed then all lodging and boarding charge has to be beared by center and it will be only be happen on Saturday or Sunday

Payment Terms are as bellow
1) 17,000 Rs. Per Seat: Per Seat 35 Leads has to be generated (first month minimum 30)
2) 17,000 Rs. Per Seat: Each seat have to generate 50 Lacs Loan Business, Loan has to be disbursed in to customer account. (first month target 40 Leads).
3) 17,000 Rs. Per Seat: Per Seat 12 Closing Leads, minimum 12 customer get the loan (first month minimum 10)
4) 17,000 Rs. Per Seat: Per Seat 20 Leads, lead will be counted once customer provide us Documents only, even customer not get the loan lead will be counted (first month minimum 16 Leads)

 (This all Payment Option is for personal and Business Unsecured Loan)
 Any Secured Loan we will provide you an incentive.


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