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Home Security Inbound and Outbound

Scope of Work for US Home Security (Inbound & Outbound) Hot Transfer Process:

1) $8 per seat per hour*. 
  • a) This includes cost of outbound
  • b) This includes landing cost of toll-free calls
  • c) Minimum 20 agents achieving one net transfer every 2 days in Pilot Phase (Week 1-4).
  • d) Maximum 100 agents achieving one net transfer every 2 days in Full Phase (around week 16-20)

2) One quality adhered & qualified installation booked per agent every two days. 
3) Leads provided by Client. 
4) US Toll-Free Number to be provided by Center 
5) Only Qualified Customers to be transferred to Scheduling Team

Broad Terms (must read, please implement, this is part of your SLA):

The following outlines the breakdown of compensation for funded installations with the Alliance Security Dealer Program. All payout amounts are valid as of Tuesday September 15, 2015.

Installation requirements:

*In order to qualify for the hourly payment on leads generated by your company and installed and processed by Alliance Security, the HOMEOWNER must have a credit score on Equinox or Trans union greater than 625. 

The HOMEOWNER must be present and aware of the installation of the alarm system in their home. 

The HOMEOWNER must be aware of the recurring monthly charge (MMR) as well as the 36 Month agreement. 

The HOMEOWNER must also sign the 36 Month agreement (AMA), alarm sales agreement, quality acceptance form (QAF) and payment must be made by the homeowner or an agreeable party present at the time of installation. Cash, bank checks or money orders are not accepted.

All leads meeting the requirements are paid at the following hourly rate
$XX per seat per hour to Scheduling Team
$8 per seat per hour to Lead Gen Team

Beacon Scores 600-624/Commercial accounts:
$XX per seat per hour to Scheduling Team
$7 per seat per hour to Lead Gen Team

*Dealer guarantees customer will pay first 12 months or dealer replaces the deal. Any credited
months do not count towards 12 months.

**Dealer guarantees customer will pay first 12 months or dealer replaces the deal. Any credited months do not count towards 12 months. No more than 10% of your installs can be between 600-624 credits, anything over 10% will not be funded that funding cycle and will carry over to the following funding cycle. 

Must get EFT or $99 activation.

Install Cost Breakdown

All installations must be completed by a technician employed by Alliance, and installed in an area currently under Alliance Security Dealer Program coverage. (See coverage area outline). 

The following costs are using the 2 Gig Go! Control System provided by Alliance Security. Any
change in the equipment being installed or taken over will need to be addressed to the installation department manager for costs and eligibility 2Gig Go!Control System with 3 Doors/1 Motion or Glass break or Smoke/Fire/1 Fob or Medical Alert.

Installation includes: Professional installation by one of our trained licensed and insured technicians. Includes complete training, yard sign, and window stickers. Any future service calls. 

Administrative costs for service, credit pulls, and collections. Maintaining equipment inventory. 

All licenses, insurances, and bonds required in all states covered for installation purposes. Dealer is responsible for any additional fees incurred from city/town/state permits.

Two Way voice option can be given at any price point above $39.99, however this is a feature our technicians demo in the house and we prefer it is not regularly sold over the phone.

Cellular Backup service is required if the home does not have a working landline, or they have Vonage. 

VOIP service may or may not be compatible with the 2GIG Series; therefore this should be explained to the customer if they do have a VOIP phone Line.

If Customer cancels either once the technician has left his home or at the time the technician arrives at the home; there is a $50 trip charge if it exceeds more than 20% of installs for that week.

Dealers Payments will be sent via bank wire, at dealer’s expense. All invoicing for Week-1 (Monday to Sunday) based on Net Quality Scores and Valid Transfers, are paid on Monday of Week-3 via Bank Wire Transfer.

Any removals due to Monitronics or Alliance’s failure to purchase the account will be reversed. This includes but is not limited to 3 Day Cancellations, Attorney General complaints, Power of Attorney concerns, Elderly comprehension and other issues that will prevent the account being purchased by Monitronics or funding sources Alliance Security chooses to use.

Process Training provided by US Client.

Immediate Sign Up & Go Live. 

One Time Vendor Charges = Rs 7,00,000/- (non-negotiable) and to be paid in FULL during MOU. Please do not negotiate on consultation amount or ask for discounts/break ups. 

SLA will arrive via direct Client email in 72 hours of signing MOU. Hard Copy will arrive in 2 weeks of signing MOU.

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