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Direct TV Campaign for entire US Market English / Spanish

We are seeking a telemarketing group that has strong closing ability, is willing to operate within the compliance guidelines of our client, and has experience in closing sales in a US Telecom campaign were you need to obtain personal information such as SSN for credit verification and CC # as well. We are able to provide you Top training and support for the best US Telecome campaign in the market..
What is required.
Past US Telecom campaign experience which is a requirement.
What you need for this campaign.
  • Calling Data
  • Your own dialer
  • VoIP provider
What you get.
  • Payment weekly, direct wire to your account or PayPal first time after 3 weeks and then weekly.
  • Payment is $150.00 / 50.00 USD per installed custmer. (TV Package), customer upgrade.
  • +25 Sales per month $160.00 per installed customer.
  • +25 sales per week $175.00 per installed customer.
  • Each accepted payable sale is paid based on full installation / Upgrade at clients location
  • Per sale commission structure
  • Full Training will be given on Skype.
  • We expect a minimum of 5-10 agents to start the program, with the ability to add more to continue to drive sales.
  • Long term campaign.
  • We expect the average SPD per agent to meet a minimum of 1 to 2.
  • The ideal company should be seeking a long term relationship as we are looking for a long term. Partnership
  • We will provide back office support to include daily reporting, and training materials.
What is required by you.
  • Previous US Telecom campaign experience is a must.
  • Agents that understand and speak English very good as 1st languange.
  • English / Spanish speaking program only.
  • Have a dialer and minutes available. (No compensation for these given).
  • You must be able to begin within 3 working days of a  signed contract being  in place.
  • Working hours range for M-F 10:00AM till 9:00PM EST & Sauturday 11:00AM til 6:00PM EST.

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